Glisite is a biologically active supplement that helps to restore energy and metabolic processes in the brain, improves the dynamics of nervous processes, improves blood flow to the brain, promotes the utilization of glucose by the brain and the removal of toxic metabolic products from it.


each tablet contains:
active substances:
Gamma – aminobutyric acid (GABA) 125 mg;
L – Glutamine 100 mg;
Glycine 75 mg;
Vitamin B6 500 mcg;
Folate 50 mcg.
cellulose E460, polyvinylpyrrolidone E1201, magnesium salts of fatty acids E470b, polyvinylpyrrolidone E1202, silicon dioxide E551.

Indications for use

Indications for use:
– for the prevention of vascular diseases of the brain (cerebrovascular accident, atherosclerosis and hypertension);
– impairment of memory, speech, attention deficit disorder;
– endogenous depression with a predominance of astheno-hypochondriac phenomena and difficulty in mental activity;
-low intellectual functions;
– headaches and dizziness;
-after a stroke and brain injury to increase the motor and mental activity of patients;
– sleep disorders;
-chronic cerebrovascular encephalopathy and insufficiency with impaired memory, attention, speech, dizziness and headache;
-alcoholic encephalopathy and polyneuritis;
– lag in growth and mental development in children;
-cerebral palsy;
-symptomatic complex of motion sickness (sea and air sickness);
-increased psycho-emotional stress;
-premenstrual syndrome;
-convulsive syndrome, etc.

In children’s practice:
-infectious (purulent-septic processes, pneumonia) and other diseases (complex therapy in young children; anemia, malnutrition, rickets and allergic diathesis in weakened children;
– early transfer of infants to artificial feeding and feeding with donor milk).

Mode of application

Take 1 tablet with meals, 2 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
The course of admission is 1-2 months.
For a further course of admission, you should consult your doctor.
In alcoholic encephalopathy and polyneuropathy, the dose and duration of admission are set individually.