Pharmacotherapeutic group: trace element, antioxidant, immunomodulator.


Ingredients: 1 capsule contains 200 mcg of selenium.

Indications for use

– To reduce the negative impact of the adverse environmental environment (radiation, etc.) and harmful habits (tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.);
– Increase the body’s resistance to colds;
– Increased physical and mental load;
– Recovery period after long and / or severe current illnesses, including infectious diseases;
– In asthenic conditions of various etiologies;
– Unbalanced and imperfect nutrition;
– During iodine deficiency;
– For the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiency;

Mode of application

Axiomine is prescribed when taking food with water.
The drug is recommended to be prescribed to adults 1 capsule 1 time a day for 1 – 3 months.
It is recommended to take a prophylactic course several times a year.